Artists of the Month

October AOTM Ryan Cadarette 2October, 2014: Ryan Cadarette

I work with the effect colours have on the emotions, mood and energy. I chose to paint three classical composers, Glen Miller, Duke Ellington, and George Gershwin because they were sort of really big heavy hitters when it comes to the influence of early music and leading up to other genres. When I listen to music I feel a certain way, and when you see a colour you feel this way so I was sort of weaving those two ideas together…The goal is that if you see the paintings you are able to feel what the music would be like.”

October AOTM Ryan Cadarette 6October AOTM Ryan Cadarette 5October AOTM Ryan Cadarette 4

November AOTM Mallory Donen 8-1November, 2014: Mallory Donen

“This work was to push myself about working against the idea of working really free versus working really controlled. [My] work is really abstract and free and loose and imaginative comes from intuition. But, at the same time, I like to have control and I like to add a lot of detail into my work, and so, it kinda goes against this idea of being free and using the imagination…I like it best when I work together with my freedom and my control working together to create something beautiful and unique.”

November AOTM Mallory Donen 7November AOTM Mallery Donen 6November AOTM Mallory Donen 5November AOTM Mallory Donen 4


five col colour

 February 2015: Chris Woods

“As an artist, your job is to be an observer, so you’ve got to pay attention to life. Whatever it is you’re doing, inspiration can come from anywhere.”

Chris Woods 1

Chris Woods 2

Chris Woods 3


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