PIPE is an annual student-edited journal for visual arts and art history, featuring artwork and research articles from students at the University of the Fraser Valley. The journal was launched in September 2014, and is coordinated by a small editorial board comprised of visual arts students. It is a non-profit publication which operates under the auspices of the Visual Arts Department. We seek to publish our first issue in the spring of 2015.

Through presenting outstanding artwork and art historical essays, PIPE aspires to demonstrate the inventive categories of visual expression and perspectives on art history which UFV’s visual arts students convey. To this end, the journal implores work with innovative features, looking for unique perspectives and effervescent qualities amongst a varied range of genres and styles, while maintaining high publication standards. Accepted by the magazine is artwork encompassing traditional studio arts, new media art, digital graphic design and photography as well as essays comprising research on forms of cultural production from prehistorical to contemporary contexts.

PIPE serves UFV’s visual arts students through providing an excellent publication vehicle for their work. However, the journal also serves UFV and the larger public, through bringing within their purview the fertile talent and thoughtful practices of UFV’s visual arts students, too often confined to visual arts classrooms. The online publication of PIPE ensures the most extensive dissemination of students’ work, while producing a richer, more dynamic publication.

The editorial board thus aspires to represent the voice of UFV’s artistic community, while perpetuating the artistic dialogue at UFV and at large through focusing discussion and presenting varying viewpoints. Through such dialogue, we hope to contribute to the development of the Visual Arts Department, while providing a platform with which to display the imaginative and technical skill stemming from human agency and creation, also known as art.

Willam De Kooning-1I'm in training-1The Fifer Manet-1


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